NEXT LEVEL Heat Activated Self Tanning Gel

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Achieve a sun kissed tan whatever the season with this easy to use, streak-free self tanning gel. Produces a medium - dark tan and is safe for the entire body. 

Product Highlights: 
-2 oz (4-5 full body applications) 
-Promotes a natural, golden tan for face and body perfect for those who want to maintain a year-round tanned appearance 
-Non-oily and slightly cooling, this sunless tanner has a light bronzer to help guide you and develops over several hours 
-Darkens faster when exposed to heat, so applying before being in the sun can speed up the appearance of the tan 
-Absorbs quickly 
-Easy to apply but be sure to wash hands with soap and water immediately after application 

-Use on exfoliated, cleansed, and dry skin, avoiding hairlines 
-Use sparingly on large joints like knees and elbows 
- Use gloves or a mitt to apply
-Apply one layer and wait to see results before applying another layer 
-After applying tanner, consider applying our Whipped Moisturizer for even softer, happier skin 

-No Added Phthalates 
-No Added Parabens 
-No Added Gluten